When I began branding my own business, I went down the ‘The Rabbit Hole of Advice’ and I felt like Alice.
There was plenty of advice from everyone, and I bet you’ve seen this too:

  • A young influencer gal with a beautiful Instagram account

  • The smiling couple who can show me how to build a six figure business this year!

I was overwhelmed. And quickly went back to what I know and what I’ve been doing for over a decade, which is sharing stories for big and small brands.

Now I help busy small business owners remove the overwhelm by bringing clarity to their service or product through branding.

Here’s how I can help you discover your Rock Brand Story!

1 - Brand Jam


We uncover what makes you a HIT.

During this first one-on-one coaching session, we cut through the noise. I ask questions about your business, your goals, your ideal clients, and your vision to get to know more about you!
Then we’ll get together for our second coaching session and you’ll receive a custom action-plan to help shape your unique style, voice or talent - Your Rock Brand Strategy. We’ll cover branding and business ideas here in depth.

The plan will:
- Bring clarity to your product or service
- Attract your ideal fans and clients
- Create rocking content that connects


2 - Rock Brand jam


I create stories that showcase your rock brand status.

I get it - you’re busy running your business! Or you have a love/hate relationship with social media. Or you just don’t have the time or energy to focus on branding and sharing your business story.
But you know you have to, in order to remain relative and memorable.
So let me do it for you! I created a plan called 90 Days to Rock Brand for the busy business owner. I share your brand story by developing content for your blogs, social media platforms, website and email.

You can’t have a rocking brand without rocking content!

I help turn followers into fans with rocking content for websites, social, blogs and email.


Not Sure?
Let’s Chat!

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