Welcome to AGALAND BRAND, where small business branding is made clear.


What in the actual frock is branding?

It’s the ONE thing that sets you apart from all the rest. Also known as your niche, your essence and what you want your ideal client to think of when when they think of you!

Most importantly - It’s how you build memorable connections. Connections that turn followers into fans. And fans into admirers excited at the possibility of working with you or buying from you.


Why Agaland Brand?

With over a decade of branding experience, I spent the majority of my career managing branding and storytelling campaigns for one of the largest nonprofit brands in the country.
And now, with Agaland Brand, I help busy small business owners remove the overwhelm of running a business AND trying to navigate the world of branding by bringing clarity to their product or service.

I create your brand story to stand out, to create connections, and attract your ideal client and future brand fan.

I help uncover what’s hiding under all of that awesomeness.


Fun fact

Aga is spelled the same way backwards and it’s short for ‘Agnieszka’

I started this new solo venture after one of the biggest transitions in my life to help good people do good things for themselves, their families and their community.


What’s an ‘Aga’?

(Yes, I’m referring to myself in third person here - Just go with it.)
Aga is an indie rock music lover, local bookstore supporter, nature admirer, community builder, journal collector, tasty sandwich maker, and a joy seeker.

Originally from Warsaw, Poland currently living in beautiful Hawaii with her husband, two young kiddos and two bunnies named Charlie and Frankie.